Web Design For The Price
Of A Phone Plan

Web Design For The Price Of A Phone Plan

Online solutions in one simple monthly payment




One tiny monthly fee.

We're tired of seeing people get ripped off from agencies knowing a website is only the first step of getting online. There's no room anymore for large upfront costs to start your online journey.

So here's our solution. One monthly fee of $89 that gets your business online with a fully custom website, a Google Maps listing, web hosting, maintenance and all the basics to get you started.

Who We Work With


Elita Car Detailing

Elita approached Digital Universe to create their online presence from scratch. Creating a simple and easy to use website was the key. Along with a Google Ad strategy Elita took off with a bang. Acquiring 13 clients in the first 5 days of business totalling $2,400 in sales.


BAD Workwear

Since its inception BAD has grown into a large global leader in workwear in the retail, wholesale and online space. BAD is one of our premium clients with website traffic in the tens of thousands per day requiring a super smooth and effective web experience.


Men of Dreams

Melbourne's fastest growing production came with a lot of challenges. Before coming on board with Digital Universe, Men of Dreams found it hard to advertise correctly. After creating a brand new website and being able to create innovative and strategic ways to advertise Men of Dreams has now become the largest resident dance show in Melbourne.


Time to be seen.

Whilst building a great website is very important, it's what happens after this point that determines the success of your business. Most businesses will want people to visit their website to make a purchase or submit a lead form.

The key here is getting the right visitors to your website and lots of them. This is harder than you think, that's what we're here for.


Our business purpose.

We provide a full suite of digital services for small businesses.

Our model provides small businesses with an alternate solution to the traditional way to get online.

A website is like your shopfront, it needs to be fresh, engaging, and look aesthetically pleasing. We specialise in the creation of your online presence and strategise ways for you to expand your business to new customers.

Our famous $89 per month website is one of our essentials. Suitable for most types of businesses including, trades, catering, events, hospitality, commercial & industrial services and blogs.

Once you’ve got a beautiful website, it’s time to show it to people. We create and manage marketing on a number of different online platforms, including Google, social media, Youtube and email.

If you’re a brand new business you’re going to need a logo. Something that your future customers can associate with the brand you’re trying to build. Logo creation is exciting and is one of the first parts of starting a new business.

All our websites come with basic copywriting, however, if your website requires detailed copy it takes time and skill to create. We’re able to create engaging and informative copy for your entire website. 

Part of any marketing campaign is going to require content to show to your potential customers. Custom graphics and video content help clients distinguish you from your competitors.

Blogs are detailed and informative pages that answer someone’s question. Blogs are great ways to turn browsers into customers.